Why Cloud Testing is Key to Delivering Consistent Resident Services

With more public sector organisations than ever hosting resident-facing services in the cloud, cloud testing is now an essential element of achieving consistent service delivery. Here are the cloud testing areas your Local Authority should consider when transitioning to the cloud.

In a recent public sector blog, we suggested that Local Authorities should consider adopting a fail fast attitude in order to deliver innovative, effective resident services. The pace of many organisations’ digital evolutions is increasing in today’s hybrid working world, and your Local Authority may well need to go beyond its comfort zone to keep up with resident expectations. However, progress shouldn’t come at the cost of introducing unnecessary risk. This is where cloud testing comes in.

As the yin to fail fast’s yang, cloud testing is essential to delivering consistent resident services. In this blog, we’ll explain why.

The Importance of Cloud Testing

Cloud testing is key to delivering consistent resident services. Here are five reasons why:

  • Application performance. Performance is key to resident experience when using your applications – any degradation will frustrate residents and put them off using them. Carry out performance testing to ensure it is optimised at all times.
  • Cyber security. Downtime and data loss resulting from cyber security incidents are a real threat to Local Authorities, as we explored in a blog about the Hackney Council ransomware attack. Carry out cyber security testing to minimise the risks you face.
  • System availability. Cloud connectivity can be complex and, if not configured and managed correctly, can impact system availability – leaving residents unable to access applications. Carry out connectivity testing to ensure residents can access services at all times.
  • Device compatibility. Your residents will use a wide variety of old and new devices to access your applications. Carry out device compatibility testing to ensure residents can access services regardless of what device they use.
  • Change management. Robust change management is essential to consistent resident service delivery. Implement and abide by proper change management in order to minimise the risk of any changes unintentionally causing a degradation in any aspect of performance, cyber security, system availability or device compatibility.

Delivering Consistent Resident Services

Failing fast is great, but it should be balanced with a comprehensive programme of cloud testing. At Six Degrees we enable Local Authorities to leverage the cloud and deliver innovative resident services in a consistent, predictable manner. Start your fail fast digital transformation journey to deliver better resident services using the cloud. Overcome the barriers to cloud adoption with a unique two-hop approach to migrating legacy infrastructure to the cloud with our Springboard to the Cloud eBook.

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