Springboard to the Cloud eBook

An Infrastructure Journey for the Public Sector

With many large public sector outsourcing contracts due to expire in the near term, organisations are seeking to move away from large outsource programmes that locked them into expensive and rigid contracts and even those organisations that have taken back control of their IT estates and adopted cloud during the 2021 pandemic are still running legacy, cumbersome workloads based on-premises with a small portion of estates moved to public cloud. Further to this, digital chaos, where disparate solutions both on-premise and in the cloud work inefficiently, is proving troublesome for organisations to work effectively between the multiple infrastructure environments. 

An solution is required that bridges the gap between large outsourcing contacts or legacy on-premises workloads and true public cloud service delivery. A space where modernisation of legacy applications can get underway whilst realising the cost and resource efficiencies of cloud computing.

This eBook examines the issues, processes, and technologies that can be adopted to provide public sector organisations with a springboard to the cloud – a two-hop approach to transition, then transform to true public cloud delivery from legacy on-premises servers.

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