Take Cloud Control

Gain clarity and take control throughout your cloud estate with management and governance services that will enable you to optimise resources, security, and spend.

Why Take Cloud Control?

Unlock your cloud challenges and put your business on a pathway to success. 

Is your business struggling to control its cloud spend? Are you unsure if you have an efficient and effectively architected Azure environment? 

Your Cloud Challenges

Here are some of the key cloud challenges we hear from organisations. 

Budgetary overspend

You are experiencing budgetary overspend and disappointment in the increased rather than reduced operational overhead incurred.

Cloud issues

You have reliability, performance, and security issues.

Introducing Take Cloud Control from Six Degrees

Delivered by a highly accredited Microsoft Azure Expert MSP.

Many businesses were sold the cloud dream: that by moving to cloud they would automatically benefit from greater efficiency, more flexibility, improved reliability, security, and operational excellence. This simply isn’t the case. Like any technology it is the way cloud is implemented, architected, embedded, and supported that determines the level of benefit and ROI a business realises. 

Six Degrees’ cloud services empower you to take cloud control by executing best practice assessments and offering remediation activities to improve performance, optimise costs, and mitigate cyber risk. 

Rather than languishing in a constant uphill battle to deliver a satisfactory service and reign in cloud sprawl, Six Degrees can assess your current environment and provide both tactical and strategic best practice guidance and recommendations on how to reduce and manage cloud spend and improve operational excellence, security, reliability and performance through remediation activities and ongoing managed services. 

Our Take Cloud Control Services

Our end-to-end Hybrid Cloud Managed Services enable your organisation to outsource all or part of its cloud management. 

Public Cloud Managed Services

Six Degrees’ Public Cloud Managed Services provide a comprehensive portfolio of governance, management and reporting aligned to fluctuating requirements across your Microsoft Azure environment to deliver the appropriate level of coverage, efficiently and securely.

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Enterprise Cloud

We own and operate our Enterprise Cloud from UK data centres. Managed by SC-cleared engineers, host your sensitive data on a cloud platform where security is built in from the ground up.

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Well-Architected Review

Once you have completed your migration to the cloud, the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Review workshop enables our secure cloud experts to review the configuration of your Azure services. The workshop identifies areas for improving performance, reliability, security, operational excellence, and cost efficiency.

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Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your cloud challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

Achieve cost reductions

A better handle and control over cloud financial operations (FinOps), clarity over spend, and more efficient use of resources.

Improved governance

Strong cloud operating principles will drive up operational excellence and increase confidence in the services provided.

Improved security

Greater confidence in handling data and greater customer confidence in your business as a brand customers can trust.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver assured, optimised cloud services to your organisation. 

Our Microsoft credentials

One of the first Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs in the UK.

Best talent

Highly trained, highly capable cloud professionals.

Security focus

Security from the ground up in everything we do.

Seamless multiple-platform

One ubiquitous cloud experience no matter where your data is hosted.

Take Cloud Control Product Overview

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering Microsoft services.

Secure cloud resources for you and your organisation.

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