Gain Insight

Make confident security decisions with expert insight directing priority activities to provide proportional risk mitigation.

Why Gain Insight?

It’s never been more important to take a proactive approach to protecting your business. 

Is your business feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and unsure where to start to improve your security posture? 

Your Cyber Security Challenges

Here are some of the key cyber security challenges we hear from organisations. 

Visibility challenges

Struggling with visibility can raise security concerns, threaten compliance requirements, and highlight a need for independent testing.

Evolving cyber security posture

One-off testing provides a snapshot in time of your current security posture as it relates to the scope of the test, but this can be out of date extremely quickly – particularly if you have a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

Introducing Gain Insight from Six Degrees

Over 20 years of cyber security heritage. 

Six Degrees’ cyber security managed services can help you gain insights to make confident data-backed security decisions, through thorough testing and documented advice, that enables you to prioritise where proportionate security investments should be made to address potential security gaps. 

Rather than being exposed and struggling to achieve regulatory compliance, work with us to gain confidence and clarity in your security posture through governance, risk and compliance professional services engagements with our customer-focused, strong, assertive, comprehensively vetted UK-based experts and Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) services. 

Regular, proportionate testing can help you to identify and understand the severity of any gaps and prioritise remediation accordingly. 

Our Gain Insight Services

Our end-to-end cyber security services enable your organisation to outsource all or part of its cyber security function. 

Penetration Testing

Improve your organisation’s cyber security posture with insights gained through Six Degrees’ expert Penetration Testing services.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

Regular and focused assurance testing and reporting to enable prioritised risk mitigation.

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Red Teaming

Gain total visibility of your organisation’s vulnerabilities through the eyes of a hacker.

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Security Advisory and Solutions

Enhance your organisation’s approach to managing governance, risk and compliance with Six Degrees’ expert consultancy services.

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Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your cyber security challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

Clarity over your security posture (point in time) and direction on prioritised activities to mitigate risk and exposure

One-off or regular testing provides a clear picture and action plan for mitigating risk and improving security posture.

Red Teaming provides the truest picture of your business’ cyber security preparedness

Proactive exposure and mitigation of security gaps and weaknesses.

Identify and understand severity of gaps, both known and unknown

Identification and clear recommendations on the order to address security gaps by severity.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver intelligence-led security services to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of cyber security heritage and experience.

Best talent

HMG cleared, UK-based Analysts.

Industry credentials

CHECK, CREST and Cyber Scheme certified.

Tailored services

Tailored services that suit your organisational requirements.

Download the Gain Insight Product Overview

“We’re committed to enabling our customers to enhance their cyber security postures and protect themselves in today’s hostile digital landscape.”

Robert Sugrue Product Director – Cyber Security

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering cyber security services.

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