Wireless Connectivity

Rapid deployment of 5G connectivity via a managed service.

Why Invest in Wireless Connectivity from Six Degrees?

Flexible connectivity – whenever, wherever. 

Sometimes wired connectivity just isn’t right for you. Maybe you are operating from a rural area that doesn’t have access to wired connectivity; maybe you need a temporary connection for an event; or maybe you just need to get connected as soon as possible. 

Whatever the reason, Wireless Connectivity from Six Degrees delivers 5G managed connectivity that is secure, high performance and can be rolled out fast – even same day. 

Your Wireless Connectivity Challenges

Here are some of the key mobile challenges we hear from organisations. 

Lack of connectivity options

Some of your users or operating locations aren’t well served by wired connectivity. How can you provide them with reliable internet access?

Temporary deployments

Temporary locations like building sites and festivals need connectivity but won’t need to be tied into long-term contracts.

Urgent requirement

Some circumstances necessitate rapid deployment. Waiting even a couple of days for an engineer to connect the site simply isn’t good enough.

Introducing Wireless Connectivity from Six Degrees

Taking the complexity out of rolling out wireless connectivity.

Six Degrees’ Wireless Connectivity services are here for you regardless of the wired options available. They can run over multiple networks, and automatically optimise to the strongest network. Entirely plug and play, our Wireless Connectivity services can be configured by text message, portal, or pre-configured before we send them out to you. And since they can mirror all managed services offerings like Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) we provide with traditional connectivity over 5G, they can be deployed seamlessly alongside the rest of your connectivity estate. 

Our Wireless Connectivity Service

Our Wireless Connectivity services enable you to connect remote and temporary users easily and quickly. 

Plug and play

Wireless Connectivity requires no setup from you – it really is just plug and play.

Managed or unmanaged

Wireless Connectivity can be delivered as a managed service or a ‘dumb’ router – it’s easy to switch the service you receive. You can configure this quickly by text message or through a straightforward portal.

Backup capability

The Wireless Connectivity service uses specially configured SIM cards that don’t drop off the network. This means you can use the service as a dormant backup if your standard connection has issues.

Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your connectivity challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

Flexible connectivity

Wireless Connectivity delivers connectivity even to sites that otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect to wired circuits.

Temporary deployments

Wireless Connectivity can be deployed to temporary locations like building sites and festivals without tying you into long-term contracts.

Urgent requirement

We can configure and deploy Wireless Connectivity routers to you same day by courier, ensuring you get up and running as soon as possible.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver connectivity services to your organisation. 

Network agnostic

We are connected to EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. All available on a self-optimising single SIM card.

Dedicated service team

All of your mobile services will be delivered by a dedicated team who know and understand you and your business.

Full service scope

Access dedicated mobile implementation, analysis, and solutions serviced via a single touch point team

Depth of experience

Most of the team who support you have been with Six Degrees for well over a decade, with experience across many mobile related technologies and working with networks directly.

“Our agnostic approach, through which you can buy all 4G and 5G connectivity products in one place, all managed by a single point team, is a unique differentiator for us as an MSP.”

Rupert Evans Product Director – Mobile

We have serious partners and credentials when it comes to delivering mobile services.

Secure cloud resources for you and your organisation.

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