Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness

Get Windows 11-ready before Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10 in October 2025.

Be prepared for Windows 10 end of support in 2025.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 in October 2025. You need to be prepared to make the upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible to ensure your endpoints and users stay protected and secure.

Your Windows 11 Challenges

Here are some of the key Windows 11 challenges we hear from organisations.

Preparing your organisation

As business as usual activities take up a lot of time and attention, it’s tough to take the steps needed to be ready to deploy Windows 11.

Ensuring optimal security

With cyber threats a constant in today’s hostile digital landscape, all organisations must ensure their operating systems are built and deployed to security best practices.

Optimising spend

Many organisations are under pressure to optimise spend wherever possible. However, it can be a struggle to know where cost efficiencies can be found.

Identifying upgrade risks

Before upgrading to Windows 11, organisations must identify non-compatible hardware in their environments so they can plan to replace it in time.

Introducing Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness from Six Degrees

Delivered by a highly accredited Microsoft Azure Expert MSP.

Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness is a one-time professional service which passes all the hard work of preparing your Intune environment and packaging applications for Windows 11 to us, leaving you with only the final step of deploying the build to your Windows 11 compatible endpoints when you are ready.

Features of Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness from Six Degrees

The Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness service enables you to overcome your Windows 11 challenges.

Microsoft 365 licence review

We will review your Microsoft 365 licences to ensure you have the required Windows 11, Intune, and Defender for Endpoint entitlements for each user.

Intune configuration

We will deploy our Intune baseline configuration to your Microsoft 365 tenant and agree with you any existing policies which may need to be enforced above our baseline.

Active Directory GPO review and migration to Intune where appropriate

We will complete an audit of any existing Active Directory GPOs in your environment, provide recommendations based on our findings and, with your agreement, manually replicate approved, appropriate policies into Microsoft Intune.

Application packaging for Windows 11 and Intune

We will package any application you provide us with media, licence keys, and configuration details which you require to be deployed to users in your Windows 11 build.

Windows 365 testing environment

We will provision one Windows 365 Cloud PC, for the duration of this professional services engagement, to be used for user acceptance testing of the Windows 11 build and packaged applications.

Hardware review and Windows 11 compatibility report

We will provide you with a report on which of your existing endpoints are compatible with Windows 11, along with which will need to be upgraded and why based on information you provide us about your current hardware.

Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your Windows 11 challenges when you partner with Six Degrees.

Be prepared

Be ready to deploy Windows 11 before the Windows 10 end of support date in October 2025.

Security assurance

Intune configured to our baseline, which is based on three industry recognised benchmarks for security.

Cost savings

Your third-party applications will be packaged and tested in a Windows 11 environment for peace of mind that they will work after you upgrade.

Identify upgrade risks

Identify non-compatible hardware in your environment so you can plan to replace it in time.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver Intune QuickStart services to your organisation.

Our Microsoft Credentials

One of the first Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs in the UK.

Best Talent

Highly trained, highly capable cloud professionals.

Security Focus

Security from the ground up in everything we do.

Industry-leading vendors

We work with a curated selection of some of the best vendors in the industry.

Download the Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness Product Overview

“We are recognised as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, and we have several other Microsoft partner designations and specialisations which are only awarded to proven partners who deliver excellence and expertise in Microsoft products to their customers.”

Myles Currie Product Manager – End User Compute

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering agile workspace services.

Secure cloud resources for you and your organisation.

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