Microsoft 365 Licence Review

Minimise costs and maximise productivity with a Microsoft 365 Licence Review.

Optimise your Microsoft 365 licences.

According to research, 23% of Microsoft 365 licences are inactive and 27% are unassigned. Organisations should take the opportunity to optimise how they deploy and use their Microsoft 365 licences.

Your Microsoft 365 Licencing Challenges

Here are some of the key Microsoft 365 licencing challenges we hear from organisations.

Optimising spend

Many organisations are under pressure to optimise spend wherever possible. However, it can be a struggle to know where cost efficiencies can be found.

Ensuring maximum productivity

Maximising user productivity requires organisations to identify opportunities to align their Microsoft 365 licences with actual user needs.

Supplier consolidation

Spreading functionality between multiple third-party providers can lead to onerous procurement processes, administrative overhead, and the potential for compromised security posture.

Introducing Microsoft 365 Licence Review from Six Degrees

Delivered by a highly accredited Microsoft Azure Expert MSP.

The Microsoft 365 Licence Review is a free pre-sales engagement to complete a discovery workshop and produce a recommendation report detailing how you can improve your Microsoft 365 subscription return on investment.

Features of Microsoft 365 Licence Review from Six Degrees

The Microsoft 365 Licence Review service enables you to overcome your Microsoft 365 licencing challenges.

Discovery workshop

We will gather information from you about any third-party services you are currently using which could be replaced with a Microsoft 365 feature and save you money.

Existing subscription review

We will review your current Microsoft 365 subscriptions and identify opportunities for licence reductions and reassignment.

Microsoft 365 feature assessment

We will assess your Microsoft 365 tenant to confirm if key features of Microsoft 365 are enabled and configured.

Findings report and review

We will create and talk you through a report summarising all the information we have found, including recommendations and next steps.

Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your Microsoft 365 licencing challenges when you partner with Six Degrees.

Cost savings

Identify unused or underutilised licences, allowing you to optimise your license allocation and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Increased productivity

Identify opportunities to align your Microsoft 365 licences with actual user needs. This can lead to improved productivity and efficiency within your organisation.

Supplier consolidation

By understanding where you can make better use of Microsoft 365 features to achieve the same goals as costly third-party services you can simplify procurement processes, reduce administrative overhead, and improve your security posture.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver Microsoft 365 Licence Review services to your organisation.

Our Microsoft Credentials

One of the first Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs in the UK.

Best Talent

Highly trained, highly capable cloud professionals.

Security Focus

Security from the ground up in everything we do.

Industry-leading vendors

We work with a curated selection of some of the best vendors in the industry.

Download the Microsoft 365 Licence Review Product Overview

“We are recognised as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, and we have several other Microsoft partner designations and specialisations which are only awarded to proven partners who deliver excellence and expertise in Microsoft products to their customers.”

Myles Currie Product Manager – End User Compute

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering agile workspace services.

Secure cloud resources for you and your organisation.

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Microsoft 365 Licence Review

Microsoft 365 Licence Review Minimise costs and maximise productivity with a Microsoft 365 Licence Review. ... Read more

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