Proactively Defend and Respond

Rest easy knowing our experts are here to proactively defend and respond to cyber incidents throughout your environment, 24x7.

Why Proactively Defend and Respond?

It’s never been more important to take a proactive approach to protecting your business. 

Is your business concerned about mitigating cyber-attacks when faced with a continually changing and evolving threat landscape? 

Your Cyber Security Challenges

Here are some of the key cyber security challenges we hear from organisations. 

Dynamic threat environment

Reactive defence is not enough in a dynamic threat environment. Hackers are sophisticated, capable, and motivated to cause maximum pain and disruption, and they can pivot extremely quickly to leverage newfound vulnerabilities opportunistically.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence, once considered a luxury, is now almost a necessity for high profile businesses.

Introducing Proactively Defend and Respond from Six Degrees

Over 20 years of cyber security heritage. 

Six Degrees’ cyber security managed services enable cyber leaders to proactively defend and respond against emerging threats and extend their security capabilities to counter potential business-impacting security events proactively. 

Rather than feeling like you are always catching up to keep on top of the intentions of bad actors, you can gain surety of direction by partnering with Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member Six Degrees. We provide confidence and clarity in your security posture though UK-centric Managed Detection and Response and Threat Intelligence services. 

Our Proactively Defend and Respond Services

Our end-to-end cyber security services enable your organisation to outsource all or part of its cyber security function. 

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response with integrated world leading threat intelligence that helps protect your endpoints and keep your organisation safe 24x7.

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Threat Intelligence

Actionable insights that allow you to adapt to today’s evolving threat landscape, leverage Strategic and Tactical Intelligence and meet ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

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Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your cyber security challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

UK-centric management, detection, and response to endpoint threats

Top level local expertise, rapid response, and a high level of security clearance.

Gain peace of mind, reassurance, and confidence in your security posture

Assuredness and confidence in a decisive and proportionate risk mitigation plan to improve your security posture allowing for focus to move onto business growth initiatives.

Achieve continuous monitoring and intelligence by partnering to extend your business’ security capability

Six Degrees’ cyber managed services reduce time to identify and respond to threats, 24x7.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver intelligence-led security services to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of cyber security heritage and experience.

Best talent

HMG cleared, UK-based Analysts.

Industry credentials

CHECK, CREST and Cyber Scheme certified.

Tailored services

Tailored services that suit your organisational requirements.

Download the Proactively Defend and Respond Product Overview

“We’re committed to enabling our customers to enhance their cyber security postures and protect themselves in today’s hostile digital landscape.”

Marcus Jeffes Product Manager

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering cyber security services.

Cyber security resources for you and your organisation.


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