Industries We Help

At Six Degrees we deliver secure, integrated cloud services to organisations throughout the UK public and private sectors. Here are some of the key industries we help.


Secure cloud solutions for the retail sector

In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive retail climate, retailers are leveraging data and technology to evolve their offerings, adding value and developing curated experiences that entice customers and build loyalty.

How can your retail business unlock key customer insights, react to changing market conditions and continually innovate to exceed customer expectations across every touchpoint, all whilst carefully managing your bottom line? And how can you combat evolving cyber security threats that have the potential to bring down retail platforms, damage brand reputation and result in crippling fines under GDPR?

Public Sector

Secure cloud solutions for the public sector

At Six Degrees we get public sector. We understand that in such a large space no two areas are alike, and that’s why we deliver tailored solutions that meet unique needs of organisations whether they work in central or local government, healthcare, education or policing and justice.

Our experts are helping organisations throughout the UK protect themselves from the threat of cyber-attack; get the most from their cloud deployments; enhance collaboration and move away from siloed working; and optimise their technology estates during a period of high demand and stretched budgets. 


Secure cloud solutions for the manufacturing sector

In order to remain competitive in today’s global markets, manufacturers need to drive innovation by placing the most skilled employees in agile, modern facilities. At the same time, manufacturers need to minimise downtime, mitigate risk and protect intellectual property – no easy task in the hostile digital landscape in which they operate.

How can your business evolve to gain and maintain competitive advantage, enabling you to deliver products faster and at a lower cost whilst maintaining high quality standards?


Secure cloud solutions for the finance sector

Leading financial institutions trust Six Degrees to deliver the transformational technology services that enable them to maintain a competitive edge in today’s constantly evolving markets.

When your business relies on the ability to respond quickly to rapidly changing operating conditions, you need a technology partner that cares as much as you do about combining the latest disruptive technology with the highest levels of uptime, security and regulatory compliance.


Secure cloud solutions for the legal sector

Technology is helping legal firms evolve their value propositions, fee structures and engagement models to meet developing client expectations whilst realising efficiencies and maximising billable hours throughout the value chain.

How can your firm build revenue and improve client experience, introduce agile working practices that help attract the best talent and increase productivity, all whilst operating in an increasingly hostile digital landscape that necessitates a robust cyber security posture to tackle cyber threats head-on?

Software Providers

Secure cloud solutions for the IT sector

You’ve developed and refined your applications; now you want to springboard to the future by migrating to the cloud.

However, delivering a SaaS model successfully requires an evolution in thinking. You will be moving from delivering products to delivering services – simple in theory, but potentially a minefield to get right in practice. Fortunately, Six Degrees supports you in every step of your evolution.