Cyber Security Assessments

Fortify your organisation’s security posture by evaluating your cyber security maturity against industry benchmarks.

What are Cyber Security Assessments?

Build the foundations for an agile, sustainable cyber security posture.

We all know we need to take steps to enhance our cyber security postures. But how do we ensure we’re taking the right steps for our organisations and not just spending precious budget on activities that don’t necessarily provide better security?

Cyber Security Assessments provide a benchmark on which to base your cyber security strategy and improvements. They enable you to understand your cyber security posture and build the foundations for an agile, sustainable, scalable cyber security posture that will help to mitigate the cyber risks your organisation faces.


Your Business Challenges

Our Cyber Security Assessments are aligned to the challenges your organisation faces. 

Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

It can be tough to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, especially if you don’t know how to meet them – or what your obligations even are.

Understanding your risk posture

In order to mitigate the cyber risks your organisation faces, you first need to understand your risk posture. This can be challenging without the necessary expert insights.

Spending your budget in the most effective way

So, you’ve established gaps in your cyber security posture that need to be addressed. But how can you ensure you’re spending your available budget in the most effective way?

Introducing Cyber Security Assessments from Six Degrees

A comprehensive assessment of your security infrastructure.

Six Degrees’ Cyber Security Assessments compile a detailed evaluation of your organisation’s cyber security readiness and your ability to address weaknesses, highlighting potential security gaps and making recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities. They draw on recognised standards and best practice including ISO/IEC 27001:2022, Cyber Essentials, and NIST CSF and 800-53 that cover a broad range of security domains.

Benefits of Cyber Security Assessments

Receive guidance on how you can enhance your organisation’s cyber security posture and response capability. 

Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements

Understand the steps you need to take to ensure your organisation meets its compliance and regulatory requirements.

Understand your risk posture and how to manage it

Identify and measure the greatest areas of weakness affecting your organisation, enabling you to understand your risk posture and create a roadmap to mitigate those risks enhance your cyber security.

Maximise your budget with a targeted remediation roadmap

Prioritise future cyber security investment for greater risk reduction and demonstrate the ROI of your cyber security spend.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver Cyber Security Assessments to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of cyber security heritage and experience.

Best talent

Highly qualified and experienced consultants.

Industry credentials

CHECK, CREST and Cyber Scheme certified.

Tailored services

Tailored services that suit your organisational requirements.

Cyber Maturity Assessments Product Overview

“We’re committed to enabling our customers to enhance their cyber security postures and protect themselves in today’s hostile digital landscape.”

Marcus Jeffes Product Manager

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering cyber security services.

Cyber security resources for you and your organisation.


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