Cloud Hop

Dedicated connectivity to cloud-hosted services.

What is Cloud Hop?

Dedicated connectivity to cloud-hosted services. 

With so much of an organisation’s productivity today based around cloud applications, it’s important to deliver dedicated connectivity to these services to ensure security and control. Cloud Hop provides dedicated connections to cloud-hosted services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services with diverse connections from our Interxion data centres to Cloud Exchange. 

Your Business Challenges

Our Cloud Hop service is aligned to the challenges your organisation faces. 

Accessing a private, dedicated connection

Many organisations need to access a private, dedicated connection to their public cloud environments.

Critical infrastructure

For organisations with specific operational, security and compliance requirements, it can become necessary to access critical infrastructure directly, not over the public internet.

Introducing Cloud Hop from Six Degrees

Rapid access to cloud-hosted services through private, dedicated connections.

Six Degrees’ Cloud Hop service is delivered on our Next Generation Network, and is accessible from anywhere that has connectivity to our network core. As Cloud Hop is already provisioned, it is quick and easy to deploy new Cloud Hop services as and when needed. 

Features of Cloud Hop

A robust Cloud Hop service with flexible deployment options. 

Delivered over the Six Degrees Next Generation Network

Cloud Hop is delivered over the Six Degrees Next Generation Network.

SD-WAN and MPLS Integration

Cloud Hop can be integrated into SD-WAN and MPLS.

Professional Services Teams

Six Degrees can provide access to Professional Services teams to support more complex deliveries.

Benefits of Cloud Hop

Access cloud services including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services and Oracle. 

Private, dedicated connection

Access a private, dedicated connection to your public cloud environment.

Critical infrastructure

Access critical infrastructure directly, not over the public internet.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver Cloud Hop services to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of network heritage and experience.

Best talent

Services delivered by experienced, highly capable engineers.

Next Generation Network

Our interconnected Next Generation Network is one of the largest in the UK.

End-to-end data ownership

We have ownership of data end-to-end when it’s in our Next Generation Network.

“Our Cloud Hop service delivers dedicated connectivity to cloud-hosted services including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services and Oracle."
Stuart Hinge
Product Director – Connectivity

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering connectivity services.

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