Gain clarity and control of your 5G estate, ensuring ongoing cost efficiencies are managed on your behalf through our managed service.

Why Invest in Mobile from Six Degrees?

An experienced analytical managed service provider.

Organisations would struggle to function effectively without mobile devices. But what steps have you taken to ensure your mobile estate is securely managed, optimised, and delivers the maximum value for your organisation?

At Six Degrees we’re an experienced analytical managed service provider. We’ll enable you to increase clarity, control and visibility over your mobile estate while ensuring you always receive the most cost-efficient pricing and best service.

Your Mobile Challenges

Here are some of the key mobile challenges we hear from organisations.

Lack of clarity and visibility

Many organisations lack the clarity and visibility they need to make informed decisions around the management of their mobile estates. We provide you with this, alongside recommendations on how to run your estate – helping you make informed decisions, with all the data and facts in hand, presented clearly with only the relevant information you require.

Lack of control

Many organisations lack control over their mobile estates – potentially leading to overspend and cyber security risks. We act as a guiding hand to ensure that you never feel that your mobile estate is out of control or see costs spiralling. We aim to drive spend down over your contract period.

No clear ownership

The management of an organisation’s mobile estate can sit in a grey area between IT, Facilities and Finance – resulting in lack of focus and an overly reactive approach. By allowing management of your estate over to Six Degrees we can act in the best interest of the organisation, reporting to all departments on the specific information they need and ensuring all business KPIs are hit.

Introducing Mobile from Six Degrees

Taking the complexity out of managing your mobile estate.

Six Degrees’ Mobile services enable you to maximise your investment in mobile. Our self-bill option enables you to bundle the service with your other Six Degrees products, making it easy to apportion cost per user or cost centre. Our kit funds also allow you to either subsidise your other OPEX solutions or completely fund your CAPEX ones – using equity in your mobile estate to fund other projects is an intuitive way we help many clients realise their out of budget solution requirements – or reduce costs further through subsidising rentals. 

Our Mobile Services

Our Mobile services enable your organisation to outsource the complete management of its mobile estate.

Mobile Airtime

Ensure that you purchase the right amount of airtime based around your profile now and your growth aspirations in the future. We analyse and report on your tariff’s performance to ensure it is optimised to your usage.

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Wireless Connectivity

Multi-network, rapid deployment of 5G connectivity for full scale SD-WAN solutions, through to temporary locations or areas with limited connectivity options available. Available as a full managed service or simple DIA solution. Single SIM with access to all four UK networks.

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Secure Device Management

Gain control and visibility over the content your end users can see and use, providing protection from malicious, proactive security threats. Managed by our team in-line with your Mobile Airtime solution to ensure a joined-up service and no swivel chair changes.

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Internet of Things

Connect your business assets and oversee management of your systems and processes to deliver increased, on demand efficiency and visibility. Six Degrees’ breadth of experience can support on a variety of projects to provide financial ROI, insight, or health and safety-based results.

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Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your mobile challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

Gain clarity and visibility

Gain the clarity and visibility you need to make informed decisions around the management of your mobile estate.

Take control

Take control over your mobile estate – optimising spend and minimising cyber security risks.

Clear ownership

Assign ownership of your mobile estate to Six Degrees, ensuring it receives dedicated focus and a proactive approach to management is maintained.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver mobile services to your organisation. 

Network agnostic

We are connected to EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. We have specialist expertise in creating bespoke tariffing for clients with unique profiles or who require flexibility.

Dedicated service team

All of your mobile services will be delivered by a dedicated specialist team who know and understand your requirements. We are proud to have the lowest client churn in the industry, which is supported by our own high employee retention rate, meaning our team becomes one with your business and grows with it over our relationship.

Full-service scope

Access a dedicated mobile implementation, analysis, and solutions team, all managed in house by a single touch point. The team that brings you over to us will be the team that ultimately manages you in life. We all sit in the same team, in the same office, and work as a single force to ensure client satisfaction.

Depth of experience

90% of the team who support you have been with Six Degrees for 15 years – testament to our culture and the enjoyment we have working with our clients. Our agnostic approach to vendors means that we have a very broad range of experience of different solutions that we can sculpt to a single, meaningful solution for clients.

‘5G connectivity is now far more integrated within businesses than ever before. A security-led managed solution is a must for organisations with dispersed workforces that have a varied requirement for connecting to clients, colleagues, and business systems.”

Rupert Evans Product Director – Mobile

We have serious partners and credentials when it comes to delivering mobile services.

Secure cloud resources for you and your organisation.


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