Robust, reliable, agile connectivity services.

Why Connectivity from Six Degrees?

Evolve your network infrastructure capabilities. 

Application, communication, and data infrastructure is constantly evolving, but the need for predictable access and quality is a constant. With applications moving to SaaS, workloads transitioning to the cloud and the demand for seamless, high-quality access to communications an ever-present, an evolution in network infrastructure capabilities is essential to any organisation looking to maximise its digital transformation investment. The end goal? Maximising throughput, resiliency, and security – all high on the agenda for most organisations we speak to. 

At Six Degrees we offer a comprehensive connectivity portfolio delivered via our owned and operated core Next Generation Network (NGN). Combined, our services provide a stable foundation that delivers a secure, visible and optimised network experience for all of your SaaS, cloud connect and hosting needs, regardless of location. 

Your Business Challenges

Our connectivity services are aligned to the challenges your organisation faces. 

Operational complexity

Many organisations suffer from organisational complexity when it comes to managing their complex connectivity estates.

Commercial challenges

With many organisations combining services from different connectivity providers, commercial challenges can arise.


The need for secure connectivity services has never been more acute than in today’s hostile digital landscape.

Migration risk

The risk of downtime resulting from connectivity migrations can prevent organisations from taking the plunge.

Network direction

Before organisations can set their network directions, they first need to understand how their network infrastructures can map to their business needs.

Introducing Connectivity from Six Degrees

Provision and manage an agile connectivity fabric.

Six Degrees’ Connectivity services lay the foundations for the success of your organisation’s go-forward strategy. Our SD-WAN platform makes it straightforward to provision and manage an agile connectivity fabric that empowers your users with always-on application access, high quality voice, video and IM communications and robust perimeter security. Complemented by fully owned and managed data centre facilities, our Connectivity services are as agile and capable as your organisation needs to be. 

Our Connectivity Services

A comprehensive portfolio of connectivity services. 


Maximise throughput, resilience and security to deliver consistent access that empowers your people to be brilliant, regardless of location.

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Managed WAN

Agile connectivity delivered via the Six Degrees Next Generation Network that connects and enables your organisation.

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Direct Internet Access

Agile connectivity that provides a stable foundation for your organisation’s IT infrastructure.

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Managed Network Device

Enable your people to access systems safely when working from an office or data centre.

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Managed Firewall

Take the complexity out of firewall management and protect your users and applications from cyber-attack.

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Cloud Hop

Dedicated connectivity to cloud-hosted services.

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Benefits of Connectivity Services from Six Degrees

Connectivity services designed with your needs in mind. 

Reduce operational complexity

Enable your organisation to focus on its primary objectives.

Flexible commercial terms

Services can be purchased in both CAPEX and OPEX models.

Secure by design

A range of solutions tailored to support your organisation’s compliance needs.

Low risk migrations

Leverage our experienced Professional Services teams to de-risk you migration.

Network Assessments

Our Network Assessments support your transformation and help you develop an understanding of your WAN.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver connectivity services to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of network heritage and experience.

Best talent

Services delivered by experienced, highly capable engineers.

Next Generation Network

Our interconnected Next Generation Network is one of the largest in the UK.

End-to-end data ownership

We have ownership of data end-to-end when it’s in our Next Generation Network.

“Our connectivity services enable you to achieve a step change in your connectivity and digital transformation journey.”
Stuart Hinge
Product Director – Connectivity

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering connectivity services.

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