Modern Device Management

Centralise management of your end-user devices.

Our Modern Device Management Service offers centralised control of your end-user devices including Windows 10/11, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Your Device Management Challenges

Here are some of the key device management challenges we hear from organisations.

Achieving consistent controls and policies

Organisations struggle to achieve consistent controls and policies across all their devices.

Business sensitive data

Organisations must control how, where and when their business sensitive data is being accessed and used on personal mobile devices.

Internal IT burden

It can be resource intensive and time consuming to roll out new Windows devices to hybrid users in a streamlined, consistent manner.

Introducing Modern Device Management from Six Degrees

Delivered by a highly accredited Microsoft Azure Expert MSP.

The level of management we provide varies between operating systems and device ownership status based on the supported features for each scenario within Intune and Defender for Endpoint.

This service also includes mobile application management policies for Microsoft 365 mobile applications when used on unmanaged mobile devices in a business context verified by multi-factor authentication.

Features of Modern Device Management from Six Degrees

The Modern Device Management service enables you to overcome your device management challenges.

Centralise management of your end-user devices

Modern Device Management allows you to streamline control of your devices with consistent centralised policies pushed out to each device, anywhere in the world. You can also view status reports straight from the Microsoft Intune dashboard.

Protect your organisation’s data through Mobile Application Management (MAM) policies

Keep business data secure and compliant when accessed on personal mobile devices through Microsoft 365 built-in security capabilities.

Remote wipe devices securely if they are lost or stolen

Six Degrees can trigger a rapid remote wipe of any managed Windows device or business data stored in Microsoft 365 on a mobile device if it is lost or stolen, protecting your business data from data leakage and protecting your intellectual property.

Free your IT team to focus on core business objectives.

Eliminate the need for your IT team to build and test new devices before you ship them out to your users. Six Degrees will create an out of the box experience for your users that applies your policies automatically and installs the user’s required software the first time they login to a new device.

Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your device management challenges when you partner with Six Degrees.

Consistent controls and policies

Consistent controls and policies across all your devices ensure you have control over your threat vectors and can report on device health and status.

Business sensitive data

Control how, where and when your business sensitive data is being accessed and used on personal mobile devices to prevent data leakage and risk to your priceless intellectual property.

Relieve internal IT burden

Any new Windows device you issue to a user can have an automated out of the box experience to get them setup without the need for your internal IT to ever touch the device.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver Modern Device Management services to your organisation.

Our Microsoft credentials

One of the first Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs in the UK.

Best talent

Highly trained, highly capable cloud professionals.

Security focus

Security from the ground up in everything we do.

Industry-leading vendors

We work with a curated selection of some of the best vendors in the industry.

Centralised control of your end-user devices including Windows 10/11, Android, iOS, and macOS.

“We are recognised as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, and we have several other Microsoft partner designations and specialisations which are only awarded to proven partners who deliver excellence and expertise in Microsoft products to their customers.”

Myles Currie Product Manager – End User Compute

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering agile workspace services.

Agile working resources for you and your organisation.

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