Cyber Security

Enhance your cyber security and safeguard your organisation with cyber security strategy and advisory, consultancy, and managed services.

Why Invest in Cyber Security?

Invest in your future in a challenging operating landscape. 

There’s never been more pressure on organisations to defend themselves against the damage that can result from downtime and data breach. In a highly specialised field like cyber security, working with a specialist partner can unlock complexities, bolster in-house capabilities, and enhance your organisation’s cyber security posture – enabling you to be proactive in assuring your ongoing stability and success. 

Your Cyber Security Challenges

Here are some of the key cyber security challenges we hear from organisations. 

Complex risk landscape

Staying up-to-date with a complex risk landscape is challenging for organisations that lack the time and resources to carry out their own threat intelligence.

Sophisticated cyber-attacks

Hackers are getting better and better at targeting and exploiting organisations’ weaknesses. Many organisations find it challenging to keep up with the evolving threats they face.

Expanding environments

As organisations enhance their capabilities, their environments inevitably expand across multiple clouds that are accessed by multiple connected devices. These must be configured and managed securely at all times.

Cyber skills shortage

There’s no getting around it – cyber security skills are in short supply and high demand. Employing experienced, highly capable cyber security professionals in-house can be very challenging for many organisations.

Introducing Cyber Security from Six Degrees

Over 20 years of cyber security heritage. 

At Six Degrees we’ve been delivering cyber security services to organisations throughout the UK public and private sectors for over 20 years. We’re committed to enabling our customers to enhance their cyber security postures and protect themselves in today’s hostile digital landscape – that’s why we’re constantly evolving our cyber security strategy and advisory, consultancy, and managed services to ensure they deliver tangible return on investment. 

We are entirely UK based and maintain all of our systems, platforms and people within the UK, assuring our customers that we can deliver our services while assuring data sovereignty. We pride ourselves on employing the best cyber security professionals and maintaining professional, person to person relationships with our customers, ensuring great service and security partnerships. 

Our Cyber Security Services

Our end-to-end cyber security services enable your organisation to outsource all or part of its cyber security function. 

Cyber Security Strategy and Advisory

Access expert insights that will shape your cyber security strategy through Information Security Management, Maturity Assessments, Virtual CISO, and Incident Response services.

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Cyber Security Consultancy

Gain clarity around your cyber security posture and how to enhance it with Governance, Risk and Compliance and Penetration Testing services.

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Cyber Security Managed Services

Protect your organisation 24x7 with Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed SOC/SIEM, and Threat Intelligence services.

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Benefits of Working with Six Degrees

Overcome your cyber security challenges when you partner with Six Degrees. 

Understand the risk landscape

Gain intelligence around the cyber risks your organisation faces – along with actionable guidance on how you can mitigate them efficiently while demonstrating return on investment.

Protect your organisation from cyber-attacks

Implement proactive and reactive measures that ensure the next time a hacker targets you with a ransomware attack or phishing email, they won’t be successful.

Implement best practices

Build cyber security best practices into your environment from the ground up, ensuring that no matter how much you grow you’ll always have the right safeguards in place against downtime and data breach.

Access cyber skills

Access some of the most talented, experienced cyber security professionals in the industry. Leverage their insights and capabilities to ensure your organisation remains secure and operates to best practices.

Why Six Degrees?

Six Degrees is best placed to deliver cyber security services to your organisation. 

Our heritage

20 plus years of cyber security heritage and experience.

Best talent

HMG cleared, UK-based Analysts.

Industry credentials

CHECK, CREST and Cyber Scheme certified.

Tailored services

Tailored services that suit your organisational requirements.

Cyber Security and Threat Management Toolkit

Download your free Cyber Security and Threat Management Toolkit.

Slide Deck Template

This ready-made board presentation will help you figure out how to best communicate your strategic position and improve cyber security investment.

Key Question Prep

A list of the cyber security questions that you are most likely to receive, and answers that will help you shine.

Strategic Vision

An overview of how we approach cyber security planning, and some tips on how to improve your on-the-ground outcomes once you’ve secured the support of your organisation.

“We’re committed to enabling our customers to enhance their cyber security postures and protect themselves in today’s hostile digital landscape.”

Marcus Jeffes Product Manager

We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering cyber security services.

Cyber security resources for you and your organisation.


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