Springboard to Oracle Cloud

Transition then transform to true public cloud delivery with a two-hop hybrid approach.

Government-approved cloud for hosting legacy Oracle workloads

Take advantage of hybrid cloud adoption with Six Degrees’ government-approved cloud for hosting legacy Oracle workloads. Our Public Sector customers can:

  • take advantage of cloud economics by transitioning workloads to Six Degrees’ Cloud
  • benefit from a flexible PAYG model
  • free up time and resource to modernise legacy workloads at your own pace
  • transform workloads once ready to Oracle Cloud infrastructure in a two-hop approach we call ‘Springboard’

Springboard to the cloud eBook

Is your organisations seeking to move away from a large outsource infrastructure programme or have you taken back control of your estate in house but are running legacy, cumbersome workloads based on-premises with a small portion of estates moved to public cloud? Perhaps your organisation operating in digital chaos, where disparate solutions both on-premise and in the cloud are working inefficiently, and it’s affecting your ability to operate efficiently? You need a solution that bridges the gap between large outsourcing contacts, digital chaos or legacy on-premise workloads and true public cloud service delivery. This eBook examines the issues, processes, and technologies that can be adopted to provide public sector organisations with a journey to the cloud – a two-hop approach to transition, then transform to true public cloud delivery from legacy on-premise servers.

Here is how the Six Degrees ‘Springboard to the Cloud’ model can benefit your organisation:

Challenges Springboard to the Cloud Benefits
Trapped on legacy infrastructure with high ongoing maintenance costs – operational resources focused on keeping the lights on
Remove responsibility for patching and updates
Always up to date infrastructure as part of the managed service
Re-deploy engineers to front-end services
High CAPEX to upgrade infrastructure platform
High cost to move
Six Degrees commercial flexibility
Free up CapEx for other investments or priorities
Low up-front costs and PAYG model
Uncertainty on estate licence obligations
Ongoing licence obligations
All licence obligations are under the managed service
Licences matched to consumption
Slows or pauses other digital transformation
Adopt a Cloud First approach
Accelerate new services
Lack of resource – human/skills gap resource, aging knowledge, scarce resource is costly and in limited supply
Free up time and resource in house by letting a managed service provider re-deploy resources to more critical services
Security issues with legacy on-premise platforms
Hosted in UK Gov accredited data centres with

By leveraging our strategic vendor partnerships your business can operate effectively and securely in the cloud

Public Sector Frameworks & Procurement

We make it as easy as possible for public sector customers to work with us, with flexible purchasing options available through a number of frameworks.

Working in partnership with our strategic cloud experts will enable you to experience how our Government-accredited cloud can become your springboard to the future. Where your organisation is safeguarded by industry-leading protection against cyber threats. And all underpinned by our formal service assurance.

By offering our services through established frameworks, we make it as easy as possible to procure our services and take the next step on your digital transformation journey.

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