Six Degrees Helps Government Digital Service Save up to £42,000 Per Year

Six Degrees provides a remote VPN service to Government Digital Service that delivers secure access for users to the Public Services Network and saves the organisation up to £42,000 per year in connection costs.

Government Digital Service (GDS) has published a new case study that highlights how the organisation saved connection costs by working with Six Degrees. GDS worked with Carrenza, a public sector-focused cloud services provider that is now part of the Six Degrees family, to setup a secure remote connection from its offices to the Public Services Network (PSN).

Project Objectives

Prior to engaging with Six Degrees, GDS identified the need to provide staff with a way to access services that still use the PSN. GDS used its office move as the opportunity to start its migration away from the PSN. Importantly, the IT team did not want to install any physical connections to the PSN at the new building because they knew it would be expensive and would provide no long-term benefits to GDS.

Working with Six Degrees

GDS needed a way to connect users to the PSN without a physical connection at the new office. When GDS moved offices in 2017, there were no vendors on the Digital Marketplace offering remote connectivity to the PSN. GDS chose Six Degrees, then Carrenza, to help with the building migration, and we set up a secure remote connection to the PSN.

Government Digital Service Cost Saving

Thanks to the work undertaken with Six Degrees, GDS no longer has to pay for a direct PSN connection from its offices. Since migrating, GDS saves up to £42,000 per year in PSN connection costs.

Purchasing From Six Degrees Through G-Cloud 10

Public sector organisations can purchase all Six Degrees cloud services through the G-Cloud 10 framework. Click the following link and search ‘Six Degrees’ to find all of our G-Cloud 10 listed services:

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