Coronavirus Cyber Security: Understanding the Developing Threat Landscape

The coronavirus pandemic is being exploited by cybercriminals to launch sophisticated cyber-attacks that prey on victims’ hopes and fears. How has the cyber security threat landscape developed over the course of the lockdown, and how will it look in the new normal? If there’s one thing you can say for cybercriminals, they rarely miss an … Read more

Coronavirus Business Continuity: Planning Your Return to the New Normal

The Government has announced its lockdown exit plan, and organisations throughout the UK are taking their first tentative steps towards what for many will be a new operational reality. What coronavirus business continuity considerations should you be making as you plan your return to the new normal? Business continuity plans are wonderful things, preparing organisations … Read more

Six Degrees Coronavirus Statement

Six Degrees continues to be proactive in its approach to delivering transformational technology services in what we now see as the ‘new normal’ operating landscape. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, we remain committed to being agile and empathetic to the needs of our customers and our people. This will ensure we continue to deliver … Read more

Cyber Criminals Exploiting Coronavirus in Phishing Email Scams

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, cyber criminals are exploiting the crisis to target victims through phishing email scams. Here’s the best practice advice you need to follow to protect yourself and your organisation from the threat of phishing emails. Cyber criminals have always capitalised on their victims’ uncertainty, fear and misplaced trust. But … Read more