Six Degrees: New Senior Appointment: Chris Blofield is Appointed to Chief Operating Officer to Drive Customer Success

London, UK, Wednesday 18th January, 2023 – Six Degrees has appointed Chris Blofield to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Chris joined the Six Degrees team on 3rd January 2023 as COO. Chris is a senior technology and service leader with over 20 years of operational, commercial, and transformational experience. He joins most recently from Clario, a provider of clinical trial endpoint services, where he served as Global VP, Client Success. Previously he was with Rackspace, where he undertook a number of senior exec roles, including interim COO and VP – Customer Success and Operations for EMEA.

About the appointment, Blofield said: “In this post-pandemic world, Six Degrees’ catalogue of secure, cloud-led technologies has never been more relevant. Six Degrees advocates the importance of digital transformation for businesses to survive and thrive; as we look set to remain in ‘unprecedented times’, this is just as vital for us, too.

“Six Degrees has undertaken a huge amount of work over the last 12 months to reshape itself and its services in line with the needs of businesses today. I’m excited to be picking up the mantle and sharing with our first-rate portfolio of customers, along with the wider market, what their own ‘great leap forward’ could look like.”

Simon Crawley-Trice, CEO, Six Degrees said: “With the economic forecast predicting a challenging few years ahead, I felt it was essential that Six Degrees took every opportunity to best support our customers today – and tomorrow.

“As Chris has said, we have been working to transform our business. Our willingness to invest in our business reflects our commitment to our customers. With Chris working with our customers to solve their practical business challenges, I am more confident than ever that Six Degrees is the right partner to take every business through these challenging times, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformations and succeed in 2023 and beyond.”

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