Women in IT: Robyn’s Story

Robyn Snary could never have anticipated a career working in IT. But she loves the challenges that her role as a Desktop Support Analyst brings.

Robyn has been with Six Degrees since 2014. Working as a Desktop Support Analyst she receives excellent feedback from clients and colleagues alike, setting a great example with her effort and aptitude. However, it took a leap of faith for Robyn to begin her career in IT.

“I fell into IT, really. I started work in an office back in 2000 following a year’s travelling in Australia. I started working for a firm of solicitors as an office junior, but after a few weeks they asked for my application as there was a job vacancy in the IT department. I told them I wasn’t very good with computers – I couldn’t even play Space Invaders!?! – but I was a quick learner.”

“The solicitors firm liked my work ethic and gave me the job in the IT department. I trained on the job by shadowing people. Further down the line I went on a few training courses, and I’ve been working in the IT game ever since! My original career was going down the nursing line – I swore you’d never get me in an office! However, things happened in life so I had to give up the nursing. ”

From Nursing to IT

Robyn sees a number of similarities between nursing and her current role as a Desktop Support Analyst. “The thing I enjoy about working in IT is that I still get to help people. I had to give up nursing, but now working within the IT industry still enables me to have contact with the public and be able to help them out with things that they are unable to do themselves.”

“I enjoy the varied workload as no day is the same – you come in and you don’t know what your day’s going to bring you. I enjoy the high touch that we give our clients, as you get to know them fairly well and build a good working relationship with them. ”

Life at Six Degrees

Robyn really appreciates the working culture at Six Degrees. “It’s great working for a company that doesn’t differentiate between the genders, whether in job roles or pay. They appreciate you based on performance rather than your gender.”

“It’s nice to see a lot of ladies working for an IT firm. It makes a pleasant change!”

“Six Degrees treat me with the same respect as all my male colleagues. It doesn’t differentiate whether you’re a man or a woman, so it’s lovely to have that equality throughout the company.”

Being a Woman in Technology

Despite her positive experiences working with Six Degrees, Robyn believes there are still a lot of old fashioned, stereotypical attitudes towards women working in a technical role.

“If a woman answers the phone, people often think that you’re the secretary, and ask to be put through to someone on the technical helpdesk. It’s like ‘run along little girl, let’s talk to the big boys’. But that’s an age old problem which is slowly getting better. I do believe that attitudes are beginning to change.”

Words of Wisdom

Although the industry can sometimes present challenges, Robyn has some encouraging words of wisdom for women considering a career in IT. “Set your sights high and go for it! Just because it’s a male-dominated industry doesn’t mean that you can’t do the job. If you’ve got a natural flair for computers and technology, then there’s no reason why not. Oh and a good sense of humour always helps!”

Robyn has been nominated by Six Degrees for Woman of the Year at the Women in IT Awards, taking place in London on 30th January 2019.

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