Keeping our customers at the heart of the business

Keeping you, our customers, at the heart of our business.

Since launching in 2011, Six Degrees has been on an upward trajectory of growth fuelled by both acquisitions and our partnership with customers who have helped to guide every decision that we have made.

Since joining Six Degrees as CEO, I have quickly come to discover that it is the people inside our four walls and the customers we support that make this organisation so unique. My goal from the start has been to build on the foundation that Six Degrees has created and help the company establish itself as the market leader for mission-critical managed services and to drive growth with a central focus on customer service.

One of our main objectives this year is to combine the capabilities from our acquisitions – C24, Capital Support, Carrenza, Insite, and Sunrise – each bringing a unique set of specialisms, into a single converged offering. This alignment process allows us to offer a more holistic solution and to share our expertise to enable you to work smarter and better.

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  • C24 is a specialist in the retail, leisure and manufacturing industry verticals. They host and manage business-critical applications, examples of which include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS).
  • Capital Support is a financial services outsourcing expert in end-to-end IT and desktop services. They are a regulated industry specialist for Security as a Service and Compliance as a Service.
  • Carrenza is a Central Government and commercial specialist. They bring expertise in mission-critical application and web hosting, as well as access to AWS, Azure and Google hyperscale public clouds.
  • Insite delivers expertise in logistics and supply-chain including building, construction, manufacturing and retail. They are a Dynamics AX and ERP hosting expert, with focus on IaaS and PaaS cloud, application uptime and SIEM.
  • Sunrise brings expertise in mobility solutions through providers such as O2, Vodafone and EE. They deliver added value in reporting and usage.

I have talked with many of you, our customers, who have shared valuable insight. Some of you have been with Six Degrees since it was founded, others have joined us as the Group expanded via acquisition, but each of you has a unique view on the technology challenges you face and how we can best serve you.

We have been running a number of exclusive workshops to enable our clients to overcome their everyday challenges from GDPR to The Future of Cloud. We’d like to hear more from you about the issues you are facing. 

I believe that we have built an amazing team, who are excited to work closely with each of you on current solutions we provide as well as exploring future projects. We are glad you are part of the Six Degrees family and look forward to a very bright future togther.

David Howson, CEO Six Degrees