Six Degrees MiFID II and beyond

Regulatory Data Management Solution for MIFID II

Let us help you

Six Degrees offers you Soteria™ to tick that Compliance box for MiFID II and more. It’s just one solution from our compelling product portfolio structured and designed to solve your business needs. With incredible support from our passionate in-house engineers alongside an innovative offering to create the solution that you need, we are happy to help.

What is our Regulatory Data Management Solution (Soteria™)?

Fully managed, modular and scalable, Soteria™ (powered by Insightful Technology), is a cost-effective, out of the box data management solution. It enables all digital and multimedia communications to be securely captured, analysed and stored in real time, in a structured way, coming directly from source systems, driving global compliance and enterprise agility.
Recalling and presenting all data for analysis in a single pane of glass view, Soteria™ drives efficiency. With it, businesses are also able to respond to a case reconstruction request within a matter of minutes, without any data leaving your jurisdiction.

Scalable and cost-effective for any size business

A flexible pay per user, per month model allows Soteria™ to meet any SME or Large Enterprise’s data capture, compliance and efficiency requirements. No extra licence fees or storage costs either.


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