Law Firm Cloud Adoption: Compliance is No Longer a Barrier

It’s official: law firms can adopt cloud technologies while remaining secure and compliant. How can Microsoft 365 and Teams accelerate law firm cloud adoption and deliver tangible benefits?

The past year has presented both challenges and opportunities for law firms. For more forward-thinking or digitally advanced law firms, the move to remote working has accelerated an evolution that was already happening: expanding the workspace away from the traditional office and transitioning towards more digitally-enabled service models.

For many law firms, however, the change hasn’t been easy. The legal sector is traditionally very conservative when it comes to technology, and this has kept law firm cloud adoption low for many years now: the American Bar Association’s 2019 Legal Technology Survey found that only 58% of law firms used any cloud technology.

In our new operating reality, this conservative approach has become harder to justify. In late-2020, the UK’s largest listed legal business, DWF, broke with tradition by going digital-first and adopting Microsoft 365 and Teams. We expect many more to follow in their footsteps.

Law firms can adopt Microsoft 365 and Teams while remaining secure and compliant, as long as the technology is configured and managed properly. We’ve put that sentence in bold, because it’s so important. Compliance is no longer a barrier to law firm cloud adoption, and at Six Degrees we believe that the legal sector is ready for a cloud revolution.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits cloud-based technologies like Microsoft 365 and Teams can bring to law firms.

Law Firm Cloud Adoption Benefits

The legal sector, which has traditionally relied on pen and paper, does not exist in a bubble. As a law firm, many of your clients – and competitors – are using cloud technology to deliver tangible benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits law firm cloud adoption can deliver:

  • Automate case workload. Cloud-based automation capabilities allow your law firm to automate more straightforward case workload activities. This frees up your fee earners to focus on more complex – and lucrative – case work, increasing their billable hours.
  • Gain visibility on clients. Data management tools enable law firms to analyse the huge volume of data they hold on clients, giving their people an end-to-end view of their clients that enables them to make informed decisions.
  • Deliver secure data access. Lawyers need access to information in a secure manner that facilitates the straightforward tracking of versions and citations in order to carry out their roles effectively. Microsoft 365 and Teams allow information to be accessed and shared securely, regardless of where your lawyers are working.
  • Foster communication and collaboration. In today’s volatile operating landscape, law firms need to be agile and flexible in the way they enable their people. Microsoft 365 and Teams allow for seamless communication and collaboration, enabling your people to collaborate and focus in an intuitive manner that always meets their most pressing needs.
  • Reimagine the role of the office. The office will be reimagined in the post-COVID world. For many law firms, moving to a cloud-based model that leverages Microsoft 365 and Teams will lead to an evolution in the role of the office. We may well see a move away from seas of desks to focus on meeting rooms and collaborative spaces in order to satisfy this need.
  • Remain secure at all times. It can take a leap of faith, but Microsoft 365 and Teams – when configured and managed appropriately – can be made inherently more secure than pen and paper or local server-based infrastructures. Six Degrees’ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service delivers managed endpoint protection that monitors your users’ workstations and keeps your law firm safe, 24×7.

Work with a Legal Secure Cloud Specialist

At Six Degrees we are playing a key role in the law firm cloud adoption revolution, partnering with prominent firms and propelling them forward on their cloud journeys. As one of the UK’s only Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs, you can be sure that by working with us you are gaining access to some of the best cloud capabilities in the industry.

And what’s more, we go beyond other service providers by delivering a broad scope of Azure-aligned solutions, delivered through highly flexible commercial models and protected by our industry-leading cyber security capabilities.

To get you started, we’ve created this Microsoft 365 Security for Law Firms infographic. It provides the latest best practice advice on how your Microsoft 365 licences can be leveraged to protect your law firm from ransomware attacks. Download it for free here.

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