Modern Data Platform

Modern Data Platform

Leverage the power of data to achieve efficiencies and drive success Schedule a Call Case Studies Trusted by: Previous Next Gain valuable insights through efficient data management and analysis The volume of data within your organisation is growing exponentially. This data is critical to your organisation and, when managed effectively, holds significant value and insight …

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Charity Customer Story

A UK-based charity empowers its people to manage services more strategically by partnering with Six Degrees to leverage the power of Microsoft Power BI. Beyond Cloud. In order to deliver the best possible services to its end users, a UK-based charity needed to reduce its agency usage fees and minimise the percentage of vacant occupancies. …

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cyber security hack

How to Tell The Board That You’ve Been Hacked …and keep your job

The Board is never going to care more about cyber security than after you’ve been hacked. Unfortunately, the incident response meeting is never a good meeting to have. But it can present an opportunity to realign your organisation around cyber security, and the opportunities that an effective cyber security programme can deliver.   Fundamentally, cyber security …

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