Cyber Clinic Webinar: The BA Hack and Latest Threat Intelligence Update

How was BA breached on such a huge scale and in such a invasive manner?

What this webinar covers:

British Airways’ fine in response to their GDPR breach has finally been ruled on by the ICO. Despite it not being the £200 million initially expected, a £20 million pound bill in the current climate is not far off. The cyberattack on British Airways was one of the highest-profile incidents to hit the news, rumours flew around about what could have happened for one of the country’s biggest and most trusted institutions to be hacked. How was BA breached on such a huge scale and in such an invasive manner? Panic took hold when the sheer scale of the attack and the details of it were revealed, names, addresses, credit card details all in the hands of an unknown and nefarious entity. With the British Airways cyber attack as with many other high profile incidents, there is never a simple answer, instead, it is often an amalgamation of things, a chain of events that lead to a detrimental breach.

In this Cyber Clinic webinar, we will take a look at the BA hack, investigating what went wrong and how these increasingly common attacks can be identified, avoided, thwarted and ultimately dealt with.


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