Local Authority Technology: How to Deliver Better Connected Resident Services

The way your Local Authority communicates with its residents is critical to improving their experiences and perceptions. How will agile workspace technology enable your Local Authority to deliver better connected resident services? December’s General Election saw politicians from across the political spectrum making claims and counter-claims about the resources available to Local Authorities in the …

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calling all local councils

Calling all local councils

Adapting your communications approach is crucial to deliver better customer service for residents. In fact, recent Local Government Association (LGA) polls found residents’ satisfaction with their local councils is falling.  Research from 8×8 found that 1 in 3 UK residents struggle to get vital information from their council’s customer service team, and 71% of residents …

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The Digital Shift in Local Councils

Amid growing demand for services and shrinking budgets, local councils face significant pressures to do more with less, resulting in a marked shift in frontline services.  Trusted by: Previous Next What this whitepaper covers: In spite of funding cuts, there is a clear desire and willingness of local councils to improve citizen interactions, collaborate with …

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