Managed Cloud Hosting

Six Degrees Group provides hosting and cloud services that deliver value in all areas of the hosting stack:

We provide hosting services and hybrid packages in the following areas:

Managed Cloud Hosting

Our cloud services are powered by our cloud platform which is a geographically diverse dual-zone platform housed in our datacentres. This provides complete and end-to-end control over all elements in the hosting stack allowing us to deliver superb quality and flexibility.

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Cloud Computing benefits with Six Degrees Group

Reduced Cost

Cloud computing is more cost-effective over the long run. Cloud computing reduces capital expenditures since it eliminates hardware & software costs and can reduce expense incurred on operational overhead, networking management and overall IT spend.


Cloud computing with Six Degrees Group provides greater business flexibility through a pay-as-you-go model in which service costs are based on consumption. IT departments that anticipate a hike/drop in user load can simply add/subtract capacity with cloud computing rather than investing in hardware storage.

High Storage

Organisations can store a lot more data with cloud server hosting compared with private computer systems. Six Degrees Group datacentres offer customers vast amounts of storage and computing capacity.

Remote Access

Employees can access and update information at any time, wherever they are, through web services and cloud computing, rather than having to remain at their desks.

Skilled Practitioners to Protect your Data

This means hiring real cloud computing specialist to manage and protect your data. We use ISO27001 policies to keep your information safe and our experts act as an extension of your IT department to help you where you lack the resources in-house.

Allows IT to Shift Focus on Innovation

By placing storage and server responsibility in the hands of an outsourced cloud computing provider, in-house IT departments can focus on innovation & business-critical tasks without having to incur additional costs in manpower and training.

Highly Automated

With cloud computing, there is no need for IT to worry about software and hardware becoming out of date or paying for your future computer updates.

Response Time

Cloud computing increases IT responsiveness and efficiency because it accomplishes better response time and shorter lead-time/bring-into-service times in most cases than standard server and hardware.

Six Degrees Group is a B2B cloud computing service provider

Even by the lofty standards of the ICT industry, it’s hard to imagine a more hyped emerging technology than “the cloud”. Our competitors refer to cloud computing hosting services when all they’re really doing is managed hosting. Other providers have taken decades-old services and attached a cloud suffix to them.

Six Degrees Group is a cloud computing service provider focused on UK enterprise customers. As such, we can spot a bandwagon jumper when we see one. So, as a cloud computing service provider, we must assure our audiences that if we say cloud computing, we mean cloud computing. Happily, this is an area where the reality matches the hype. We have seen an increase of nearly 800% in cloud computing virtual machines over the last year with the growth accelerating with each passing month.

Cloud computing hosting for mid-market companies

Cloud computing is now affordable and accessible to companies of any size, giving enterprise level technology to every business. Consumers and small enterprise are realising the benefits of public cloud services. The likes of iCloud and Amazon Web Services is changing how people use technology; now, Six Degrees Group is witnessing our mid-market customers actively seeking to replicate those cloud hosting benefits but in an enterprise-grade, private cloud environment for full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery models.