CYBER CLINIC WEBINAR: Threat Updates & Tactical Cyber Security Advice

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Cyber Clinic Webinar Series. In this edition we decided to take different approach and offer some 'Quickfire Consultancy'.

What this webinar covers:

With the inordinate rise in phishing attacks affecting remote workers in particular, we thought the more practical advice we could offer the better. As such our Head of Cyber Security Consultancy, John Green, will demonstrate – by changing a number of settings in Office 365 – how you can: 

  • Reduce phishing attacks
  • Report phishing attacks.

It’s time to leverage the security features in your O365!

Watch last week’s Cyber Clinic Webinar and our team of experts as they give you:

  • Threat Intelligence Updates – The latest cyber security threats as uncovered by our Cyber Intelligence Team
  • Secure O365 understanding & insights – Integrating Logs with your existing SIEM tools & other valuable information
  • Quickfire Consultancy – What to turn on or off in your environment to decrease phishing & aid reporting.


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