Cyber Security & Compliance

Enhance your cyber security posture and safeguard your organisation.

All organisations need to take proactive steps to address the financial, operational and reputational risks they face in today’s increasingly hostile digital landscape. Partnering with an experienced, credible cyber security provider will allow you to establish your organisation’s risk appetite and enhance your cyber security posture.

CNS, a Six Degrees company, is a leading provider of cyber security services to the UK public and private sectors. We deliver end-to-end cyber security services that protect organisations from the threats that exist from malicious and accidental data breaches. Our holistic security solutions include compliance, governance, testing and offensive and defensive managed security services, and we enable our clients to implement robust security measures across all levels of their organisation.

Our dedicated Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), located in a secret UK onshore location, provides 24x7x365 threat detection and protection to some of the UK’s most valuable assets, from prominent banks to high profile government facilities.

As the security arm of Six Degrees, we are able to provide scalable, holistic solutions that blend seamlessly with the company’s wider product portfolio, enabling us to support organisations through robust cyber security frameworks that protect them throughout their digital transformation journeys.

Product Director - Cybersecurity & Compliance

Phil Atkin

Cyber Security Practice Director

Why Cyber Security & Compliance?

Maintain operational excellence

Maximise uptime, performance and productivity by minimising cyber security - related disruption.

Safeguard your reputation

Protect your organisation from suffering financial, operational or reputational resulting from a data breach or successful cyber-attack.

Enhance your cyber security capabilities

Close skills gaps and ensure that your organisation has access to the cyber security capabilities it needs.

Make effective cyber security decisions

Ensure that every cyber security decision you make is the most appropriate for your organisation.

Minimise risk to your organisation

Identify where your organisation’s vulnerabilities exist, and remediate them to minimise future risk.

Maximise return on cyber security spend

Make intelligent investment choices that maximise the value you derive from your cyber security spend.

Demonstrate compliance

Provide assurance to clients, end users and regulators that your organisation operates to cyber security best practice standards.

How we work with you


We treat you as a partner, which allows us to understand your unique needs and work with you to provide tailored cybersecurity solutions.

End-to-end approach

By gaining an end-to-end view of your digital ecosystem, strategic aims and risk appetite, we are able to deliver holistic solutions that enable you to achieve your organisational targets.

Top-down engagement

Effective cybersecurity requires continual top-down engagement throughout the organisation, and that starts in the boardroom. We place cybersecurity on the executive agenda, in the context of the continuing success of your organisation.

Change working cultures

We change your organisation’s working cultures by delivering support, guidance and end-to-end managed security services through experienced, senior level cybersecurity experts.

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