The Benefits of Moving Your Phone System to Microsoft Teams

What this webinar covers:

With 145 million daily users around the world, Microsoft Teams enables employees to chat, share, collaborate and meet across the organisation and ensures effective collaboration and greater productivity, even with a dispersed workforce.

While the adoption of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool has grown exponentially, there is still uncertainty when it comes to using Microsoft Teams as a business phone system. This webinar shares insights into how you can maximise your usage of Microsoft Teams and implement it as your business phone system, empowering your employees to connect, communicate and collaborate from one platform.

We will be taking you through the following:

  • What is the Microsoft Teams phone system and how does it work?
  • The benefits of implementing the Microsoft Teams phone system
  • An overview of the key calling features including:
    • Making and receiving calls.
    • Call Controls include hold and resume.
    • Call Transfers.
    • Voicemail setup and playback.
    • Call Recording.
  • The evolution of your phone system to deliver the best customer experience.

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