Six Degrees and QUANTIQ Webinar: Secure Intelligent Transformation

What this webinar covers:

The Art of Delivering Microsoft Business Applications Securely and Efficiently in the New Work From Anywhere World  

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated business transformation and adoption of remote working, while cyber-attacks have increased. Join our webinar to discover why you no longer need to choose between productivity and security – you can improve both without compromise by leveraging existing Microsoft security controls.

To accommodate new ways of working, businesses have:

  • rapidly adapted business models and processes
  • moved new types of data online
  • now rely more heavily on the cloud for business-critical applications
  • provided flexible access to unsecure networks and devices

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a 400% increase in cyber-attacks with attacks pivoting to target users rather than on-premise infrastructures, putting businesses at increased risk.

The new world of work necessitates a more agile approach that enables rapid transformation and access to data and applications from everywhere without putting your organisation at risk of security breach. Traditionally IT and security teams had a choice between keeping users productive or secure, but that no longer needs to be the case!

Our webinar discovers how it’s now possible to maintain productivity and increase security without compromise:

  • Quickly modernise systems in weeks rather than months, enabling you to be more agile and adapt to changing market conditions – whilst delivering rapid ROI using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platfom
  • Retain flexibility so you can continue to leverage legacy on premise, third party and online data siloes to power modern cloud applications with Microsoft Dataverse
  • Facilitate secure access to these applications anywhere, on any device, empowering employees to remain productive in a remote working environment with Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix
  • Move beyond traditional and static perimeter defence security models towards more agile methods that support zero trust security architectures to protect against evolving cyber threats aimed at the user, leveraging Microsoft’s award-winning Defender for Endpoint security solution

By leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies to stay agile, productive and secure without compromise, your business will be ready to tackle any challenges this year throws at you and embrace every opportunity in 2021 and beyond!


Michael Carr, Head of Strategic Development, Six Degrees
Kevin Ingrey, Solutions Enterprise Architect, QUANTIQ


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