CYBER CLINIC WEBINAR: BYOD & Returning Users From The Wild

What this webinar covers:

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Cyber Clinic Webinar Series. 

Think of all those remote devices out in the wild, some belong to your organisation, others are BYOD, some are monitored & controlled, others are essentially off grid, but at some point most if not all of them will have to return to the office. The question is in what state? Do you know what you are opening up your environment to? With the line between home and work being blurred, many people are using their work laptops for leisurely activities, quizzes with the family, video chats, online shopping, with some of these things requiring the downloading of new applications. It is time to start thinking about the carwash approach, a good & thorough clean of systems for the return.

This webinar tackles the things you need to think about before brining your devices back. What levels of hygiene do you need to implement, how should you be managing all those endpoints out in the wild?

Watch our team of experts as they provide you with practical information and advice on:

  • The Current COVID-19 Threat Vectors – The latest cyber security threats
  • Bringing them back from ‘the wild’ – Admin rights, content controls, endpoint security measures, BYOD, cyber hygiene.


  • Paul Rose – CISO, Six Degrees
    Thomas Cartlidge – Head of Threat Intelligence, Six Degrees
    Stuart Hinge – Head of Connectivity Solutions, Six Degrees


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