Agile Workspace

Communicate, collaborate and work efficiently, anywhere.

The way we work has changed. Organisations are empowering their people to do great things by implementing innovative working practices that deliver the tools they need, where and when they need them. In today’s fast-moving world, the ability to communicate, collaborate and work efficiently, anywhere really can be the catalyst that drives your organisation’s success.

Six Degrees’ Agile Workspace services allow you to transform your customer experience through smarter, faster technology solutions that enable your people to be at their very best, wherever they are. Our unified communications, collaboration and desktop compute services offer anywhere, any device, any network access on a global scale while allowing management of these to become more intelligent, secure and less complex. And our contact centre services help you improve end user experience by uniting your contact centre agents both in the UK and overseas.

Communicate seamlessly through multiple channels, collaborate effectively across physical and virtual spaces, and work efficiently with the perfect tools delivered in the most appropriate manner, all through the Six Degrees Agile Workspace.

James Henigan Practice Group Director

James Henigan

General Manager – Cloud Services

Why Agile Workspace?

Enhance business continuity

Safeguard your operations by enabling your people to work from anywhere, ensuring service consistency.

Reduce application deployment times

Adapt to changing requirements rapidly with ultra-fast application deployment.

Gain real-time security intelligence

Understand how your systems are being utilised and maintain logs for regulatory compliance.

Communicate and collaborate better

Maximise efficiency by enabling your people to work together better than ever before.

Deliver a single, unified experience

Deliver brilliant end user experiences that build trust and loyalty.

Implement flexible working policies

Give your people the tools they need to work in a flexible manner that suits their lifestyle needs.

Form location-independent virtual teams

Unite global workforces and create virtual teams to solve complex organisational challenges.

How we work with you

Strategy review and solution design

We work collaboratively with you to understand your unique needs, organisational challenges and vision for the future. Depending on your stage of readiness, we will move quickly to set up new or trial services in a matter of days, whilst designing a longer term solution that will integrate seamlessly with your existing services.

Migration plan

All migrations require careful planning and preparation to ensure risks are mitigated and targets are met. We will create a migration plan, including roll out and training, to suit your needs and minimise impact on your day-to-day operational requirements.

End-to-end management

We won’t just step away from you upon project completion. Throughout our entire engagement with you we assess your connectivity and security requirements to ensure we deliver appropriate levels of management, resilience and fraud protection.

Continual optimisation

We build flexibility and scalability into our Agile Workspace solutions from day one. Whether you want to add new users or locations, introduce new functionality, or right-size your deployment to meet changing requirements, we make it easy for you to maintain unified communications, collaboration and desktop compute services that remain the right fit for your organisation.

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