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Work with Six Degrees to ensure your Microsoft Azure deployment is secure, continually optimised, and always aligned to your organisation’s go-forward strategy.

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A Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

We have the capability, the experience and the vendor partnerships to enable your organisation to get the most from its Microsoft Azure deployment. Our unique cloud adoption methodology builds on Microsoft’s established Cloud Adoption Framework, introducing our mature cyber security capabilities to deliver secure, high performance Microsoft Azure deployments that are purpose built to align with your organisation’s cloud drivers. 

Our Azure Capabilities

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Six Degrees is experienced in identifying the right Microsoft funding mechanism to provide commercial and migration offerings. We support your organisation throughout its Azure cloud journey, including designing and executing a transformation strategy, implementing automated processes, and preparing you for your new Microsoft Azure cloud operating model.

Azure Platform as a Service

Our Azure Platform as a Service deployments are always expanding. Our services include Azure SQL Managed Instance, Application Gateways, App Service, Security Centre, Sentinel, Azure Labs, Blueprints, and Policies.

Azure Windows & SQL Server Migration

Our Microsoft Azure knowledge helps unlock commercial advantages by leveraging Azure Hybrid Benefit and Extended Security Updates for legacy Windows and SQL Server migrations. We understand that not all migrations are straightforward lift and shifts, and that you may want to transform to SQL Managed Instance where possible. Throughout all migrations we will help identify compatibility issues to reduce costs and avoid delays.

Azure Cost Optimisation

Whatever your cloud motivation, you should be disciplined in reducing costs and keeping your cloud lean to maximise business value. We combine cost monitoring tools to provide optimisation recommendations and an unbiased view of your Azure cost posture.

Azure Blueprints and Landing Zones

Cloud migrations at scale can only be achieved with cloud automations. We do the hard work by defining a balanced set of deployment best practices and policies via Azure Blueprints to be deployed on Azure Landing Zones, which is the output of a multi-subscription Azure environment that accounts for scale, security, governance, networking and identity.

Azure Sentinel (Security Siem)

Enabling compliance and managing governance to protect your brand value from cyber threats is of paramount importance. Azure Sentinel’s AI analysis capability empowers us to relieve alert fatigue in order to focus on possible and actual cyber incidents. We monitor and act on Azure Sentinel alerts through our UK-onshore cyber security operations centre, enabling us to provide end-to-end security event management.

Azure Cloud Monitoring

We have invested in modern monitoring tools to complement Azure Monitor. This enables us to measure KPIs for availability and performance whilst aligning business goals with customer experience.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Your Microsoft Azure journey begins with our Microsoft-aligned Cloud Adoption Framework, which provides a pragmatic cloud journey process that meets business objectives and avoid pitfalls. We let business priorities and data-driven analysis drive the right decisions throughout the Cloud Adoption Framework process.

Citrix on Azure

Our experience designing and deploying Citrix Cloud, where the management control plane resides, and Citrix workloads on Azure helps provide you with a virtualised desktop and app service. Hosting Citrix workloads in Azure provides multiple benefits, enabling the consumption of Azure-native services such as Azure Security Centre and the scaling of resources to meet demand and cost efficiency requirements.

Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup

We will match your workloads’ RPO and RTO requirements to the appropriate Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup configurations, ensuring your business requirements are met by your backup and disaster recovery posture.

Azure Lighthouse

Azure Lighthouse helps us efficiently build and deliver Azure managed services. It helps promote transparency by delivering management at scale, greater visibility and precision, and comprehensive and unified platform tooling.

Azure Express Route

We offer a number of ways to gain private low latency connections to the Azure platform. You can extend our MPLS or SD-WAN services into Azure, or we can provision Azure Express Route based on a per-port per-customer connection for larger dedicated bandwidth requirements. If a dedicated private connection is not your preference, a simple VPN can be configured to interconnect your business to your Azure environment.

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Free Four-Hour Cloud Adoption Framework Strategy Workshop

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Six-Week Cloud Adoption Framework Azure Implementation

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Azure Managed Service

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Secure Azure with Cyber Security Operations Centre

Find out more about our Cloud Adoption Services

Small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are embracing this shift and are adopting cloud for varied workloads from applications to management of customers, their workforce, knowledge, finances and more. Six Degrees delivers focused and personalised cloud adoption services to address your adoption challenges and achieve your outcomes.


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