Six Degrees committed to data centre efficiency

Six Degrees accepted to be part of the 2016 EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres.

LONDON – May 10th, 2016 – Six Degrees has become one of the first UK organisations to be accepted as a participant in the 2016 EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres.

The code is designed to reduce the environmental, economic and energy supply impact of data centres, focusing on the reduction of energy consumption in a cost-effective manner.  It also promotes the use of energy efficiency KPIs, measures which have now been deployed in the management of Six Degrees data centres in London and Birmingham.

Six Degrees worked with IT sustainability consultancy Carbon3IT to review all of their UK data centres for energy efficiency best practices and their alignment with the EU Code of Conduct. The review revealed that Six Degress’ data centres were already functioning in line with these standards.

John Booth, MD of Carbon3IT Ltd, stated “It’s really important that companies with a high IT usage follow best practice to use only the energy that is necessary, reducing their environmental impact. It’s not only great for the environment but also the bottom line as the cost of energy is only going to keep going up. By using the European Code of Conduct to examine their practices, Six Degrees have a great resource to guide them in how to do that.”

“Six Degrees has a long-standing commitment to promoting energy efficiency within our data centres, and our participation in the EU Code of Conduct underlines our determination to act as an industry leader,” confirmed Mike Ing, COO at Six Degrees.  “Internationally recognised standards play an important role in ensuring businesses can prove their approach to energy conservation is working – we are very pleased that our efforts have been recognised.”

Timothy Arnold, Technology Director of Colocation for Six Degrees, concluded, “The EU Code of Conduct is not just about the electrical and mechanical infrastructure within the data centre. Customers also need to utilise their IT hardware to optimum energy performance and follow best practices in our highly efficient data centres, something that we are now best placed to help them achieve.”

As part of its commitment to energy efficiency, Six Degrees will be hosting a number of workshops at its data centres over the coming year to promote the value of EU Code of Conduct to customers and supplier chain.