Six Degrees allows a stable foundation for OLIVER’s global clients.

Part of the Inside Ideas Group, OLIVER is a leading marketing company that builds in-house agencies for some of the world’s most creative brands. Their unique model places 2,000 staff inside the client’s world across 90 countries; operating at the speed of modern business to help clients deliver better work faster and more cost effectively.

OLIVER needed an agile connectivity service to meet clients’ exact, and often nuanced, needs on a site-by-site basis. Jason Yun, IT Manager, OLIVER: “When a new client joins OLIVER, we look at the full scope. We then begin the connectivity process, putting in internet lines, setting up servers and providing hardware. Essentially, we build a fully-operating office within an office, which is a process that needs to be as painless as possible no matter where our client is in the world. It’s why reliable, fast and quality connectivity is essential to OLIVER’s offering.”

Six Degrees’ Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) service has allowed OLIVER to deliver internet services and end-to-end productivity suites universally. Designed to integrate with client teams, it connects OLIVER’s sites and scales according to demand. A centralised managed firewall, layered into the WAN service, also provides OLIVER with secure access to its staff on the ground. Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) product also sits on the WAN, allowing OLIVER’s teams to communicate and collaborate, improving productivity as well as client experience.

Six Degrees allows a stable foundation for OLIVER’s global clients

Advantages and Benefits

“Six Degrees has been a brilliant partner. It may just be internet lines, but it’s so important to what we do, how we stay in touch with staff around the world and the success of our clients’ businesses.”
Jason Yun
IT Manager, OLIVER

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