Virtual Desktop Services: The Best Way to Achieve Business Agility?

Virtual desktop services have been around for some time now, but the latest app virtualisation services from Microsoft and Citrix are really taking them to the next level. How are today’s virtual desktop services best-placed to deliver business agility?

The government may have mapped our journey out of lockdown, but the truth is that an en masse return to the office is a way off – if it happens at all. Although many of us are missing the camaraderie and daily interactions of the office – and getting pretty tired of our living rooms, bedrooms and home offices – it is likely that a large number of organisations will be moving to an agile working model in 2021.

How will this look? Well, at Six Degrees we’ll be adopting a hybrid approach where our people spend time working from both home and the office, according to what works best for their working practices and lifestyle needs. This sounds great in principle, but how will we achieve it while maintaining communication, collaboration, productivity and security?

One way will be through virtual desktop services. As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, we have access to cutting-edge technology and the expertise to configure it for ourselves and our clients in a way that maximises agility and prepares us for the volatile operating landscape ahead.

But what are virtual desktop services, and how are they best-placed to deliver business agility?

What are Virtual Desktop Services?

Virtual desktop services are desktop and app virtualisation services that run in the cloud. Put simply, when your users access virtual desktop services they receive an experience as if they were working from a traditional workstation on your internal network, only the desktop and all the applications they are visiting are in the cloud – not on the devices themselves. Despite being in the cloud, virtual desktop services are still secured according to your organisation’s policies and there is no need for a VPN because the machine is already within your network.

If you have bad memories of old thin clients that lagged terribly and were super frustrating to use, don’t worry – we’ve come a long way in the past few years.

At Six Degrees our Virtual Desktop services leverage industry-leading technology from Microsoft and Citrix to take the pain away from end user compute, delighting your users with the latest applications and devices whilst delivering a fully-managed service wrap that enables you to focus on transformation—not day-to-day management.

Now let’s look at how they deliver business agility.

Achieving Business Agility

Six Degrees’ Virtual Desktop services deliver secure, fully-managed end user compute functionality that off­ers brilliant desktop experiences to your users. Here are four ways in which they will support your organisation’s agile working strategy moving forward:

  • Strengthen Security. In an increasingly digital workspace, employees use different devices to access corporate resources. This proliferation of devices also opens organisations up to more security concerns. Six Degrees’ Virtual Desktop services are delivered using cutting edge Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix technology. Together, these remove the need for local data storage and allow you to leverage granular access controls and monitoring – enhancing your cyber security posture by increasing visibility and reducing your attack surface.
  • Reduce Cost. Cost efficiencies will be essential for all organisations transitioning out of lockdown. Six Degrees’ Virtual Desktop services o­ffer powerful, cost-saving thin provisioning technology that reduces dependencies for expensive shared storage and a vast partner ecosystem of thin clients to deliver cost-e­ffective, high-performance solutions.
  • Boost Mobility. As people seek the freedom to work their way, at the office or from home, the percentage of personal devices in the workspace is growing dramatically. With Six Degrees’ Virtual Desktop services you can enhance mobility by delivering a secure, uninterrupted end user experience that is fully-managed through Six Degrees’ comprehensive service wrap. Achieve device independence for mobile workers and move from mobile phone, to tablet and then PC without losing the applications that are open and having to restart applications.
  • Simplify IT. Management burden is a real problem for over-stretched IT teams, especially when it comes to getting to grips with new technology as it is released. Six Degrees’ Virtual Desktop services allow you to manage costs and reduce complexity by streamlining application management and deployment. Roll out new applications or updates to employees quickly and efficiently, ensuring employees have the right level of access to the latest tools.

Survive and Thrive in 2021

Achieving business agility and giving your people the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and maintain productivity and security will be essential to your success in 2021 and beyond. Fortunately, the technology exists to enable you to achieve just this, and with Six Degrees’ expertise in provisioning and managing virtual desktop services you can invest more time and resources on what’s truly important – your organisation and the people it employs and serves.

Discover how to solve real world challenges with virtual desktop by downloading our Virtual Desktop Benefits Infographic or exploring our Virtual Desktop services.

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