Leading London Law Firm uses cloud-based voice solution during Holborn underground fire

Business Continuity solution from Six Degrees maintains communication in the Holborn underground fire

London, April 13th, 2015 – A leading London law firm based near the site of the recent 36-hour Holborn underground fire, remained ahead of the game despite losing its telephony services due to the outages.  Its investment in the cloud-based Livenumber service from Six Degrees enabled them to continue to make and receive voice calls during the entire period of disruption.

Six Degrees Livenumber is a Business Continuity service designed to give users complete control over voice services during an emergency situation. The software application builds upon Six Degrees’ Direct Voice services by adding a real-time and web application managed DDI number management service, which ensures real-time business continuity. In the event of a disaster, it can be activated quickly and simply from an intuitive web portal or a handheld device, allowing up to 10,000 DDIs to be rerouted to alternate numbers instantly.

Once enabled, customised text messages are automatically sent to pre-defined recipients to inform them that a business recovery plan has been invoked (or revoked), and what actions (if any) need to be taken. Livenumber can be used to manage the delivery of an individual DDI on a daily basis, or multiple DDIs for a specific user group or department, giving users the flexibility to handle voice communications exactly as they decide.

“Naturally, everyone would always prefer these situations not to happen in the first place, but if they do it’s vital for organisations to minimise disruption to their operations and continue to meet the needs of their clients. We are delighted that the client has been able to benefit from our Livenumber service.”

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