How Six Degrees Helps System Integrators Transition their Clients to the Cloud

Every digital transformation journey is different, and not all organisations are ready to dive straight into the public cloud. Six Degrees enables your brilliance as a system integrator by delivering staged transitions to public cloud infrastructures.

The growth of public cloud is continuing apace in 2019, with organisations throughout the public and private sectors showing an ever-increasing appetite to reap its benefits. However, as many system integrators are recognising, there is huge variation amongst organisations in terms of cloud readiness. Low risk appetites, limited budgets and mission-critical legacy apps are amongst the roadblocks to digital transformation that many organisations are facing. And though a staged transition approach can overcome these hurdles, managing systems across multiple platforms can carry with it a high resource burden whilst causing absolute chaos with overlapping contracts.

Supporting System Integrators

This is where Six Degrees can help system integrators. We have a strong record of delivering successful digital transition projects across both the public and private sectors; in recent months, we have saved Government Digital Service up to £42,000 per year, and won Cloud Project of the Year at the SVC Awards for our work implementing a multi-cloud platform for AvantiGas.

We also work with a number of prominent system integrators to help them respond to bids quickly, winning major projects for both the public and private sectors. Through this process they have optimised IT resources and ensured business continuity in the face of growing digital threats, whilst realising significant operating cost savings.

Staged Transition to the Cloud

At Six Degrees we own and operate data centre facilities in London and Birmingham, delivering colocation and connectivity services to organisations throughout the UK. We also maintain footprints in Crown Hosting Data Centres facilities, enabling us host public sector Official Sensitive data in a secure and compliant manner.

These colocation capabilities, when combined with our Enterprise Cloud hosting service and extensive Microsoft Azure expertise and offerings, allow us to support system integrators throughout the duration of their clients’ digital transformation journeys.

What differentiates us, however, is the way we allow system integrators to vary their billing across services throughout the lifecycle of their contracts, supporting the digital transformations of their end users. We realise that different applications take different lengths of time to migrate through the infrastructure stack to the utopia of public cloud. By using our Hybrid Infrastructure model, system integrators are able to track their clients’ applications from colocation, through private clouds, shared enterprise clouds and finally to public cloud, all with the same billing methodology and access controls.

Straightforward Management

One of the key benefits of the Hybrid Infrastructure model is that those applications that cannot be moved through the whole cycle can all still reside with one provider and be managed through a single pane of glass within the Six Degrees portal. And the addition of an Oracle OVM stack means that Six Degrees can even support system integrators through their database migrations, allowing them to take advantage of the increased efficiency of the virtualised environment whilst still lowering costs by reducing licence requirements.

Get in Touch Today

Six Degrees has a strong track record of working with system integrators to help them reduce costs whilst transitioning their clients to the public cloud in a manner that reduces risk and complexity. To arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss your system integrator needs, get in touch today.

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