A Catalyst for Change: Reach Your Cloud Potential

In this eBook we’ll show you how to embrace the cloud and transition your software to the SaaS model your customers demand.

At Six Degrees, we believe SaaS delivery models shouldn’t just be the preserve of the tech giants – software providers should be able to leverage them, too. However, if you are looking to explore the possibilities of delivering your products in a SaaS model, there are some fundamental operational changes you will need in order to make this a reality.

In this eBook we will take you on a journey from delivering products to delivering services, enhancing customer experience while maintaining compliance and trust.

We will also provide the business case for working with a cloud partner like Six Degrees to adapt your operating model, springboard to cloud and thrive in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

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We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering hybrid cloud solutions.

Secure Hybrid Cloud resources for you and your organisation.

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