WEBINAR: Integrating Telephony and Voice with Microsoft Teams

WEBINAR: Integrating Telephony and Voice with Microsoft Teams

At a time when remote working is paramount and communication and collaboration is key, how are you integrating Telephony and Voice with Microsoft Teams? Have you enabled a number of communications systems and now need to integrate them into one solution, or is your organisation only working from mobile phones whilst on lock down and would one integrated solution with re-routing be beneficial to access desk numbers?  

This webinar will talk you through how you can integrate telephony with Teams, and use voice for Teams to aid seamless communication and collaboration both internally in your organisation and externally.

Watch the below webinar to discover:

  • How you can integrate Telephony with Microsoft Teams
  • How using Teams for Voice and Telephony can aid efficient, seamless communication and collaboration
  • How you can implement call recording
  • What you need to know to take the next step to run one application for your telephony and communication

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