WEBINAR: How Microsoft Teams can help you deliver world class remote learning

What this webinar covers:

Schools and universities face the challenge of delivering personalised, high quality learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom and lecture hall. With many teachers and lecturers unfamiliar with the latest teleconferencing technology and increased scrutiny around tuition fees and value for money, it’s essential that schools and universities are proactive in overcoming the operating challenges they face in this new reality.

In this webinar you will discover how to make it straightforward for teachers and lecturers to deliver brilliant learning experiences to virtual classrooms and how to:

  • Utilise the most appropriate Microsoft Teams meeting format to deliver your virtual classrooms
  • Relieve the burden of the mass training and hardware procurement required to equip your teachers or lecturers for remote learning
    Recording of lectures securely
  • Discover the best audio and visual hardware for you to run high quality webinars
  • Take Q&As in real-time should students need to raise any questions, and Microsoft Forms can be used to distribute auto-marking test & quizzes
  • View attendee reports which show the activity overview of the live events held in the organisation
  • Enable live captions for any students with additional accessibility needs


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