The Biggest Cyber Breaches In Financial Service History

Using lessons from the past to prepare for the future.

What this webinar covers:

We have all seen the high-profile news stories of cyber criminals targeting the financial services sector often with devastating financial and reputational consequences. Yet beyond these anecdotal examples the reality is more shocking, between February and April 2020, cyber-attacks against financial institutions rose by 238%. The proliferation in attacks has shifted the dial, and the question organisations are asking is no longer if they will suffer an attack — it’s when. As concerning as these stats and stories are there are many things as an organisation you can do to solidify your security posture so you don’t fall victim. Often it starts and ends with your processes and procedures, compliance and governance is critical to establishing these!

Watch our webinar where you will be taken on a fascinating journey into the world of cybercrime in the financial services sector, led by Six Degrees’ cyber security experts and Thistle Initiatives Group. Using examples of some of the world’s biggest data breaches in financial service history as vehicle, the Six Degrees cyber team will delve into the what, the how and the why.

Learn about:

  • Critical breaches – How & why they occurred
  • What measure could have been taken to avoid or thwart these incidents
  • How these organisations should have responded in the aftermath of a breach

What to expect:
This will provide you with a unique opportunity to delve into some of the top data breaches in financial service history, shining a light on the areas of vulnerability that led to these events and ultimately arming you with insight and practical solutions to avoid these pitfalls. During this webinar you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific concerns or queries with our highly trained SC Cleared Cyber Security Consultants. All information discussed during the Q&A part of this session will not be published or displayed and will remain private.

John Green, Head of Consultancy at Six Degrees
Heather O’Gorman, Head of Payment Services & Financial Crime Prevention at Thistle Initiatives Group


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