WEBINAR: How Microsoft Teams can Facilitate Working in a Hybrid Home/Office scenario?

As offices start to open, and A/B teams are formed working from home and the office alternately, how can you seamlessly collaborate wherever you are working?

What this webinar covers:

The answer is a complete collaboration software, accessible from any device, with telephony included so you won’t need duplicate desk phones or to remember to redirect calls to mobiles. There are solutions that can negate all of this that will enhance ease of use and productivity.

In this webinar you will discover how to use collaboration tools to work from home and office in a seamless manner:

  • Utilise Microsoft Teams appropriately
  • Relieve the burden of call forwarding, duplicating desk phones and cumbersome telephone requirements
  • Access all files, chats, Sharepoint, calls and meets from any device wherever you work
  • Save time, and make effective use of costs using one collaboration tool for hybrid working


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