Teams and M365 for Industry – Empowering Firstline Workers

Top tips to keep factory workers, warehouse operatives and facilities staff productive, connected and secure in a rapidly changing environment.

What this webinar covers:

COVID-19 has transformed the manufacturing landscape. Supply chain disruption, remote work needs, and dynamic demand levels are the new normal.

To succeed in this new landscape, manufacturers must maximise efficiency and empower their people, yet 64% of first-line workers lack the technology tools they need with many of them reliant on slow and error-prone manual processes.

Our webinar discovers how Microsoft Teams and 365 can empower workers to be more productive through:

  • Collaborating from anywhere, on any device
  • Digitising manual processes with external apps, automation, process flows, and custom apps
  • Streamlining identity and access management

This webinar will cover:

  • Teams and Microsoft 365 overview for Frontline workers
  • Application Deep Dive showing relevant apps and processes in more detail
  • An example of how Teams and Microsoft 365 can be used to increase productivity in a manufacturing environment

Ensure your workforce is equipped with the essential communication and collaboration technology to react to new demands and adapt to different ways of working.

Speaker: Tom Cotton, Agile Workspace Technical Director, Six Degrees


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