Survival toolkit: Evolve customer service delivery and operations with Teams and M365

Top tops to keep customer-facing staff productive, connected and secure in a rapidly changing environment.

What this webinar covers:

Needless to say it’s been a tough year, not least for the retail and customer service sectors. Your customer-facing staff are no doubt having to adapt how they deliver services to customers, taking into account safety, communication and efficiency to protect employees, customers and your business’s bottom line.

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how you can use Microsoft Teams and 365 to evolve and enhance customer service delivery and operations during these challenging times, including:

  • Keep your team connected in dynamic environments – Enable team communication with one-on-one and group chat, video calls, and more.
  • Simplify the task management process – Easily distribute tasks from headquarters, and reduce the burden on managers to assign and track tasks for their teams.
  • Make training employees easy – Store resources such as onboarding policies, job-related guides, and video content in Teams.
  • Optimise business processes – Use first-party apps such as Shifts to build integrations with your workforce management system. Provide access to your line of business apps for a customized Teams experience.
  • Streamline identity and access management – With identity and access capabilities coming soon, it’s easy to roll out Teams to your firstline workers.

Ensure your staff are equipped with the essential communication and collaboration technology to react to new customer demands and adapt to different ways of working.

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