Secure SD-WAN: Reinforcing Cyber Security, whilst Driving Growth and Business Efficiency

The SD-WAN marketplace is growing exponentially due to shifting working practices.

What this webinar covers:

The SD-WAN marketplace is growing exponentially due to shifting working practices. The increasing need for enterprise mobility has led to the growing deployment of mobile personal devices such as smartphones, notebooks, and tablets to access corporate networks. If cloud adoption was already driving the take-up of SD-WAN, the recent mass migration to agile working has only accelerated this journey. However, as the adoption of technologies that enable remote & flexible working increase and security perimeters widen, so too does the propensity for cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are using sophisticated methods to attack networks, and organisations are right to be concerned about sensitive data and overall network security. Compromised networks can lead to data breaches and more, the impact of such attacks can be seismic sometimes causing irreparable financial and reputational damage. SD-WAN solutions must have security built in from the ground up in order to truly deliver on business objectives around growth, agility & efficiency.

We provide you with insights, advice, and answers to the following questions:

  • The What and the Why – What is SD-WAN & why is it key to business agility, efficiency & digital transformation?
  • Why is SD-WAN security critical & are all SD_WANs made equal when it comes to security?
  • How do you assess the security of SD-WAN when making a decision?


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