Microsoft Teams Webinar: The Evolution of the Workspace (With form)

What this webinar covers:

With an unprecedented number of workers switching to flexible and remote work, hybrid working is set to become the future of the workforce.
As more organisations return to the office, employers need to ensure that workspaces are set up to encourage collaboration, drive inclusion and maintain and foster team bonds.

Technology can enable the culture for hybrid work, equipping your teams with the essential communication and collaboration technology and adapt to different ways of working.

Our webinar shares how Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams meeting rooms can empower your teams to enable effective collaboration and covers:

  • The key types of workers to consider when preparing your office for a return to work.
  • How you can adapt your workplace to provide more collaborative spaces.
  • An overview of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams meeting rooms and the benefits to your organisation.

Tom Cotton, Agile Workspace Technical Director, Six Degrees

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