How Citrix with WVD can deliver a more intelligent end user experience

What this webinar covers:

How does your digital workspace work for you? The way we work has changed, possibly forever, so it’s time ensure we’re fully enabled and empowered to work effectively with always-on collaboration everywhere on every device. Join our webinar to discover how the latest technology can deliver a better experience and help you be more productive in the new world from anywhere.

Discover a workspace that:

  • Enables secure access to all the apps you need on any device, anywhere – in the office, at home or on the move
  • Has a simple single sign on access, so you can focus on staying productive rather than retyping login details for different systems
  • Enables clear, crisp, high-definition voice and video calls to enable seamless communication and collaboration with colleagues anywhere in the world
  • Brings intelligence to your day, proactively presenting what you need, when you need it and makes it easier to get work done by minimizing clicks, screens, and toggles
  • Uses real-time monitoring and analytics to respond to changing security, performance, and workload conditions

Watch our webinar to discover how Citrix Workspace combined with Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to get a more complete full-fidelity Microsoft Office 365 and Teams experience. Citrix optimises Microsoft Teams with HDX RealTime Media Engine resulting in clear, crisp, high-definition voice and video calls—and happy, productive employees who are able to collaborate from any location with any Windows-enabled device.

We explore:

  • The post-pandemic world of work
  • A brief overview of the productivity benefits of desktop virtualisation
  • How to overcome everyday remote working challenges with virtual desktop technology
  • Overview of how Citrix with Windows Virtual Desktop delivers a more intelligent end user experience

Damon Crawford, Solutions Director, Six Degrees
Danny Clarke, Lead Sales Engineer, FS&I, Citrix


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