Cyber Clinic Webinar: The Latest Threat Intel Update & Emotet’s Resurgence

What this webinar covers:

From state sponsored hacks, to nefarious groups, through to malicious malware, Six Degrees’ Head of Threat Intelligence, Thomas Cartlidge will share an overview of the latest threat vectors, what to look out for and how to stay safe and maintain business as usual.

Emotet Malware Returns – What is it? Why is it Back?

Not so long-ago the US Department of Homeland Security issued a statement saying that: “Emotet continues to be among the most costly and destructive malware. Its worm-like features result in rapidly spreading network-wide infection, which are difficult to combat.”

So what is Emotet?
Why is it so dangerous?
How can you remain safe in light of its re-emergence?

Our Head of Offensive Security, Andy Swift will provide an overview of the Emotet Trojan, looking at its inner workings and providing invaluable advice & Insight.


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